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99 Silhouettes (2007)

From signage on toilet doors to Japanese shadow puppet theatre, the silhouette can boast both a wonderful and rich history - and contemporary appeal. Historically reinventing itself across cultures and genres it is an artform which has evolved throughout the ages, responding and reflecting technical capabilities and an increasingly demanding visual environment.

Advances in design software have reduced the creation of silhouettes to the click of a mouse, yet the key to a strong silhouette is the same today as it always has been, lying in the resourcefulness of the artist.

99 Silhouettes is a fine collection that locates a niche and exposes it fully. Its theme is how we ignore – or how we are indifferent to – the silhouette, but this book does a grand job of reminding us not just of the silhouette’s importance, but of its style, too.

Book of the Month
Computer Arts Magazine, May 2007

Free?Fonts (2006)

Free?Fonts is an introduction to the hundreds of legitimate freeware & shareware fonts available for download, showcasing many of the fonts in context whilst highlighting the importance of Designers' rights by publishing information on individual licensing agreements alongside each font listing.