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Design informed by a marketing plan

So you have your marketing plan but how do you create the promotional material to generate the leads you've estimated?

A good marketing plan will contain all the information needed for a graphic designer to create this material for you but it is easy to forget the details of the marketing plan when commissioning design. This tends to lead to promotional material that overlooks what you are trying to achieve, for example:

“With over 30 years in the industry we've been delivering [insert your product]. We've developed turnkey solutions that deliver a world class service. Our ground breaking methods prove we are market leaders!”

You get the idea. Without adequate research, it is easy to just explain how your product works instead of concentrating on how it can solve problems. Your communication needs to be relevant and speak directly to your target market. Your marketing plan has all the information to create designs that will work for you, such as:

Vision & mission statements
These help the design team get a real feel for your company, it will help direct design and, if you haven't got a brand style, inform the designer what values need to be supported throughout.

Target market & marketing mix
Your market strategy has developed into a set of marketing plans, this details which products you're selling, who to, where, why and when and the mix has been developed to build an advantage over your competitors. Designers act as the means to realise all these decisions into your marketing collateral. By working creatively designers can suggest insights into how to communicate with your target market and which messages to use.

Marketing plans are time dependant, at Début we prefer to work long term with clients and book project deadlines into our schedule in advance. We can advise on product and print times so you can plan the rest of your activities to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible.

Remember, generally speaking, your communications should:
• Grab attention
• Identify a specific desire or problem
• Suggest the product or service to solve this problem
• Explain the advantages of using your product
• Substantiate your claims
• Prompt the viewer into action

Whenever you produce promotional collateral, approach it with benefits in mind. This really helps you to get into the customer mind set.